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    where writer's-alike come together to share ideas and spread their knowledge and love of literature!

Authors-Club welcomes writers and non-writers alike. We aim to support you as you strive to achieve excellence.

You are invited and encouraged to join our cause: supporting and promoting the community's literary growth and knowledge. We welcome a variety of literature, from prose to poetry, fan fiction to fantasy, mystery to romance.

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So, if you didn't already know...

You've waited nearly a week for this feature. The virus is unsettling; it weights heavy in your mind. For the past week, the only thing that you could think about was this cure - the vaccine that will save you all. Out of the two thousand people infected, only 11 will be saved.

The following are individuals receiving the vaccination: LunaNitor, BATTLEFAIRIES, Thelunarwriter, luminescent0513, copper9lives, bluubberwolf, Art-of-the-Seraphim, chromeantennae, toxic--sunrise,  Scarlettletters, ezradeacon

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It's that time of year where you toss a raggedy sheet over your head
and skip around town asking strangers for candy.

The Doll Has Eyes Like No OtherThe doll has eyes like no other.
She has playful, spiraled brown hair
With a purple bow
Perching a stubborn sliver of hair
To the side of her head. 
She has a wide, crooked smile
Brighter than the sun
And a laugh so full and true
Even Santa Claus would be impressed. 
She is joyous and curious
Observing the world like no other
And when something makes her eyes darken
The happy world around her
Turns to shades of blue. 
The doll has eyes like no other.
She smiles less
Because the metal jail in her mouth
Keeps the happy out
And straightens what’s inside. 
She’s insecure.
Unsure of whether she’s a child
Or a small adult.
And every emotion known to man
Is a mountain that she must climb. 
She hears so much
From real adults,
“You’re older now and more mature,”
But she never gets the chance to observe her independence. 
The doll has eyes like no other.
She now wears blue skies on her eyelids
And red cherries on her lips.
Her int
The Exulansis Machine of Deep Sleep 
“Breathe it in
The stardust air
The lung-clamping smoke
And vile pious inflammation.”
Listening to sounds of irritation:
Humming of the fluorescent bulbs;
Shoes sticking to linoleum tiles;
Flies buzzing behind my ears,
Leaving me to count the years
And spaces between spaces
Fill the lonely night
All is silent now.
Tooth and nail and eye crust
Fading away to off-beat lunacy.
Her spine slithers sinisterly as she performs
With Vaseline greased hair that stands like horns
People stalking like beasts with mental disorders
Hobbling penguins and droll-ass walrus punks.
Cold liquor manipulating my contemplation
And I have moments of primal desperation
A monster suckling another monster
Bodies tangled like olive tree roots
Delicious and dreadful
Fraught and shameful
It’s the way of all flesh.
Modern Soothsayers
and plenty of culinary racists,
Spraying semen onto parchment pages
With forked tongues dancing on vulva stages
Chapter 1: Bad Publicity
Hulda liked being in this part of the temple – the High Priestess' apartments were a tasteful sanctuary of ornate grey oaken paneling and lush carpets from the corner of each separate room to the next.
Recently, some dolt had trodden these with dirty boots, she noticed as she placed her books on the round table in the little study that served as an antechamber to the salon. Doing so, she accidentally knocked the inkwell over, and a tin vase as she jumped to try to keep the stuff from dripping on the carpet by cupping it in her hand. Fussing and turning, she tried to mop the ink up with a wad of her robes, praying to Selûne it was oak apple gall and not real iron gall ink.
She never got the iron gall stain out of her previous robes...
-”Hulda!” the voice of the High Priestess came from the adjacent room. “Is that you?”
Hulda nearly knocked the inkwell over a second time.
-”Yes Lady Meldrys! I've brought the books you requested,” she
I See Fire - Part ISix centuries after the fateful words were spoken. A traveler visited the humble town from which they had been uttered, a cloak of black was pulled tight around their shoulders, and a hood hid their face from prying eyes. 
They had spotted the town from atop a hill that overlooked the massive lake that surrounded it, which itself was almost encircled by an immense mountain range. The circle of mountains was broken by the colossal waterfall that marked most of its southern edge. A perilous drop off a shear mountainside, with an immense flow of water pouring from the very top of it far far below. To say the area housing the lake and town was mountainous would be an understatement, when a mountain has other mountains upon it, the term mountainous seems somewhat inadequate. 
Chief of these immense mounds of natural stone and rock, was a mountain to the north of the lake. In truth it was not a mountain on its own, and was in fact the absolute peak of the  mountain upon which

SeleneHer silver
moonlit hair sparkles,
under her element.
Her crystal blue eyes
brighter than the moon.
The dress flows
when she dances,
with her snow white horses.
Daughter of Hyperion
a Sun-God.
Mothered by
Goddess of Brightness.
Her magic dances
with her,
as Hecate taught her well.
She is a lunar goddess
one of the three lunar daughters.
Light Bulbsi've always tried
to conserve water
but saving electric
-ity has never
been my thing
see everything burns out
some things
sooner than others
(i think the light bulbs will out last me)
people don’t pay for art;
they pay for sex and war.
(so let’s combine it all,
the war of the mind,
sex for your consciousness
and art for the soul.)
but darling, this isn’t a long forgotten tragedy,
one to only end in murder by one’s own hand
this is a war, and i’m fully intending to win.

all’s fair in love and cliches
and i’ll be damned if i let you fuck me
because i plan on taking this victory
just like I took your shhhh-
-ooting bullets into the air,
declaring silence as they scream,
piercing winds as the sky falls.
all may be fair, but this is all just for spite,
an unraveling of tongues and teeth-
i am not the person you fell in love with.
so come on, love, draw your swords.

slide from sheaths,
i swing for the fences in search of flesh.
i’m tired of the stench of your perfume
swathing my bed sheets,
so i cut and slash,
desperate to swarm and attack
to witness crimson kiss concrete slabs.
October GardenMy garden rambles through old vine tangles
Autumn ambles down afternoon's angles
Thorny brambles the old gate wrangles
Herbs in shambles, leaf-fall spangles

WitchcraftCall me Sarah
was all she said
and I had the uncomfortable
feeling of being haunted.
I let her legs
and red nails
do the talking -
stories I grew up
not believing in,
silver spoons and moons
hung so low
I could taste them,
and autumn lost
between her shoulders.
I never said the right words
and night retreated
when she turned her head
and smiled.
We let the candles burn -
rich foliage of air
and stars
the only traces left.
Fable: Sun and Moon
It was a long time ago Sun the wolf dominated the sky. Sun every day illuminated the sky happened half of the day, he went in order to reload energy for next day. A good day meanwhile Sun rested; Moon the fox arrived for illuminated the sky. When Sun awoke and saw Moon in the sky, he hid her and caused the first solar eclipse. “Why can we not share the sky?” Moon asked to Sun. But enraged he responded: “I’m the lord and master of sky, can no one take up my place nor I go to share with nobody”. Sun was blinded for rage, didn’t see that his loved planet suffered for darkness and it began to fade. Moon tried carry out understand to Sun her intention there and what happened to the Earth, but he didn’t listen. Past some days, Sun started to realize something weren’t to go well. Then, he looked down to Earth and can saw result of his blindness. The plants were withered; the animals were hiding or wandered lost, water was freezing and ground was
TypicalThe doctor says it's "typical" behaviour. That you've just hit the terrible two stage and it's nothing to worry about. I call it the same old typical bullshit.
There's nothing "typical" about slamming your own head against the door jamb or stone hearth. 
There's nothing "typical" about how you look me right in the eye while you're doing it either.
There's nothing "typical" about how you squirm and struggle whenever we try to hold or hug you. How you turn your head away when we try to kiss your cheek goodnight. Or how you scream bloody murder if anyone other than me or your father tries to pick you up.
There's nothing "typical" about the constant humming, the rocking back and forth, the hand flapping, or jumping up and down.
The fact that you choose the exact same toy car, sit in the exact same corner of the house (the only patch of wooden floor with grooves that conveniently fit the wheels of your toy car perfectly) and "drive" it back and forth along the grooves fo

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