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Authors-Club welcomes writers and non-writers alike. We aim to support you as you strive to achieve excellence.

You are invited and encouraged to join our cause: supporting and promoting the community's literary growth and knowledge. We welcome a variety of literature, from prose to poetry, fan fiction to fantasy, mystery to romance.

Everyone is allowed to join, whether you write or read! There are no limitations, and membership requests are automatically accepted! Plus, we'll give you a llama badge.
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What, yet another journal?! We're doing our best to pick up our activity and bring you more exciting things! :la:

We're bringing a new project to you, which aims to bring our members together, and create new friendships! What is it? Essentially, it's a feature project. All you have to do is fill out the form (which can be found below), and post it in the comments. Fill out as much as you want.

We highly encourage you to read the responses and respond to them, especially if you see someone with similar answers.

Our goal is to feature someone new every two weeks, displaying them on the front page. :squee:

To kick off this new project, we'll be tell you about us!

First up, our leader, :iconamour-raven: !

amour-raven goes by Sam, Sammy, or Sammers.
Her work that she is most proud of is: what love is was a s l o p p y first kiss where
my drunk lips fumbled against yours.
the dull thwack of my heart,
locked behind curved ribs
cleared my groggy brain, 
clouded with lustful premonitions.
it was an e l e c t r i f y i n g first kiss where
you entwined your hands in my hair.
your mouth encompassed mine and
my breath became lost in the steady
of your chest.
it was a s h y first kiss where
i pulled away before you could explore.
your tongue grazed my teeth, 
searching for a way past the ivory gates.
i dug my finger into the stubble along your jaw,
my nail lulling your carnal desires.
it was my first kiss with you.
which also received a DD! :la:
When asked what her dA goal is she said "it seems so superficial, and I don't believe I've told anyone this before. I want to be a Senior Member. :blush: Most importantly (and less superficial), my goal is to ultimately refine my writing skills and publish my work."
A writer she enjoys on dA is jade-pandora
Her favorite drink is chai latte with soy milk Coffee by Scorpion81 and her favorite food is a french baguette. Her favorite book is  "World Without End" by Ken Follet.
What she does with her free time with "What free time? lol When I do, I'll get on deviantART, write poetry and short stories, and try to read."
Her least favorite chore is laundry, hands down.

Next up is our newest admin, :iconkiwi-damnation:
"Happy to be here, hope to share the love of writing with you all."

kiwi-damnation also goes by Sammy or Kiwi. She was featured in our latest Literarily Speaking
The literature she is most proud of are Exploring ThoughtsLament about the past- digress,
Emotions flitting into sight,
Fury, pain and bitterness,
Such feelings plaguing me this night,
And all I want is to be free,
From all these hateful memories,
I want these moments to repair,
My heart from all the guilt I bear,
So forgiveness takes it place,
To mend each rip and frightful tear,
There's nothing in life I'd replace.
I breathe and I believe - express!
Through every word I hereby write,
Releasing bitterness suppressed,
Though nothing happens overnight,
The darkness taints all that I see,
Twist music to cacophony,
And leaving all to seem unfair,
When I'm the one who chose despair,
As I have run from love's embrace,
Towards a victimized nightmare,
There's nothing in life I'd replace.
We learn to live, I must profess,
From every struggle, crucial fight,
As I am craving happiness,
I hold this anger very tight,
And in the process, steal from me,
The right to live life blissfully,
How will I fare? How will I fare?
If all within me is laid bare,
I pr
and Mysterious Living DeathIn caverns by the water-side, (Lewis Carroll)
The weeping parents wept in vain, (William Blake)
And of this crying would they never stenten (Geoffery Chaucer)
The red sunlight lazily lay. (Edgar Allan Poe)
The gale in the teeth of the tide. (Rudyard Kipling)
With love that has not speech for need! (Victor Hugo)
There is no doubt in it, no fear, (Robert Browning)
With these kisses let me remove your tears, (Walt Whitman)
The travail of the hungry years, (Oscar Wilde)
A partner in your sorrow's mysteries. (John Keats)
The elements of feeling and of thought, (William Wordsworth)
Consumes: I wither slowly in thine arms, (Lord Alfred Tennyson)
Against the wreckful siege of battering days, (William Shakespeare)
Reminds me of all that can happen to harm, (Robert Frost)
For you that not remember it. (Alfred De Musset)
Both of lost happiness and lasting pain, (John Milton)
You left me, sweet, two legacies, (Emily Dickinson)
Let the world's sharpness like a clasping knife, (Elizabeth Barrett Bro

Her dA goal is to "help build a stronger lit community and to develop my writing to be able to publish." and two users she enjoys here on dA are HugQueen and BloodshotInk.
The things she likes to do on dA include; helping writers out, create writing challenges, and chat.
Her favorite beverages are hot chocolate or fruit juices.
Her two favorite books are Across The Nightingale Floor by Lian Hearn and the Tomorrow Series by John Marsden while the last book she read was A Lee Child book.
Favorite late night snack would be Chicken Kievs.
With her free time she writes, games, and teaches spiritual and anatomy classes.
Her least favorite chore is vacuuming.
She speaks English fluently, Japanese (intermediate-advanced), and is almost fluent in French .

She's been amazing and has done her best to keep up with accepting (or occasionally declining) submissions when the rest of us couldn't. :huggle:

jackofalltrades0097 goes by Andrea or Jack since it's her screen name.

The works she's most proud of are Athazagoraphobia- Fear of being forgottenThe street itself was rather insignificant, as far as streets go.  Empty store fronts stared out through dusty, boarded up windows at the trafficless road, as if they were waiting with tired expressions for something to happen.  The signs in their doors declared "Going out of Business! Everything must go!", as if there were still people who walked by that even remembered what had been in business in the first place.  They loomed over the street of little importance, silently judging, as if it was the road's fault that no one had stepped foot on it in more years than anyone could count.
The street wasn't completely empty. There was the exception of a row of lamp posts that always buzzed with electricity, putting out a constant stream of light. They stood, straight backed, like forgotten, rusting soldiers, all lined up with their peeling paint, and flickering bulbs that never went out.  Even they were fairly insignificant, even though they liked to
and How to get comments - For WritersRecently, a member of the group I help admin, Authors-Club, brought to our attention that since joining, 
they really haven't been getting any feedback on their work, and were wondering how to get remedy this.  
After giving it some thought, here's a quick "How to get comments" tutorial, pertaining to you authors out there.

Get comments on your writing!! 
Many visual artists will tell you that finding that niche of followers who consistently comment on your work is hard.  You either have to be in a fandom, and post up lots of fan art, have a kick ass style, or promote yourself till your fingers bleed.  Writers, on the other hand, don't have that visual one up. Someone can't just look at the words on your page and go, THIS is the author I've been looking for! They have to take time out of their day to really read your work, and if you've got more than one ch

dA goals are to just have a good time, and connect with other artists <3
An artist she enjoys on dA is FUNKYMONKEY1945 <3
She likes to mostly hang around and poke through other people's galleries!
Her Favorite Beverage is Tea or coffee, depending on her mood, her favorite late night snack is popcorn or wheat thins with goat cheese and her favorite book: "Oh man, I freaking love Good Omens"
She last read River Marked by Patricia Briggs.
What movie should have a sequel? Dredd...because I love cheesy violent movies.
With her free time she draws, works, or chats with her bestie, firefrost!
Her least favorite chore is giving the dogs a bath XP.
What languages do you speak & how fluently? Sign Language, if that counts, and I guess I "speak" that well enough to get by, and I know enough Spanish to talk to someone if they need help, but I'm not super fluent in anything other than English XD.

"Love this idea. May many new friendships be born between members :P"

Storyteller21 goes by Alina, Al, Allie - or just Storyteller.
She is most proud of Once Upon an Autumn NightThe End
A single moment can change your life.
I know that. I’ve lived through that. I’ve experienced so many life changing moments in my nineteen years. I have had wonderful and hauntingly beautiful experiences, as well as painful and heart wrenchingly sad moments. And each moment of my life, each choice that I have made has all led me here, where I am now.
The moment I got accepted into the University of my choice, when I opened that envelope and read the first line, that moment changed my life. It was the moment my future lay ahead of me and for once the path was clear and unobstructed, I could see where I was going.
The moment my best friend told me he was falling in love with me was a moment that changed my life. It was the moment I found my soul mate.
Right now, the only significant moments of my life I can remember all happened in autumn. I suppose that it’s because right now it is autumn and it’s just easier to remember everythi
and Just Listen (which is her first complete novel! :la:)
dA goals: Be more helpful to fellow writers because the literature community is so small here (compared to everyone else) and we should support each other :glomp:
An artist/writer you enjoy on dA: "Group admins, duh, they're all awesome and I've had a chance to get to know them behind-the-scenes. And also mariamukaji Essieo-Novels graphite-master for their support and feedback in my writing."
Favorite Beverage is Tea! (I'm so English Face Palm emote by KyuubisSlave)
She is currently reading 'Russian Roulette' by Anthony Horowitz
When she has free time she reads and attempts to "write something halfway decent." Hangs out with the family, will start doing archery soon and prepare for teaching her class.
Her least favorite chore is ironing and folding laundry.
And interesting fact about her is: "Professionally I'm an Archaeologist"

Lastly, there's me! :iconazzaneth:

I go by Az, Zan, Azzaneth (basically whatever combination you can come up with for my username) or my real name, Jocelyn (though I find it dull).
I am most proud of: Don't Mourn For MeShe was in my bed, where she had been for the past few days. Despite pleas from everyone, she refused to go anywhere else.
I watched her sob her heart away and I almost wished I hadn’t done it. Seeing her there with so much anguish carved into her lovely face, it almost made me regret my choice, almost.
In the end, it had been worth it. The pain and the sorrow were all gone.
“Stop mourning for me,” I begged as I sat beside her, bed remaining the same under my transcendental body. She had to let go and move on.
She sobbed violently and pressed my pillow into her face, no doubt trying to breath in what little of my scent remained.
“It hurts too much,” she said through choked breaths. “Sometimes it feels like you’re still here,” she quietly added as her sobs began to subside. It seemed like that thought brought her comfort.  
“I know sweetie but you have to move on,” I told her in a gentle voice. “It’s not your f
and I Once Dreamed...I once dreamed that I had you here beside me, in my arms. I could feel your warmth against my skin and I could smell your wonderful scent. It reminded me of spring time, right after the rain.
But better than your warmth and better than your scent, was the amount of happiness it brought me to have you here, embracing you. You and you alone, had the ability to chase the loneliness away. It was a wonderful feeling and a feeling that disappears within an instant as I realize that you’re not real. You’re only a figment of my imagination. There is only coldness beside me and only my own scent that envelops me.
Yet, despite knowing this, it doesn’t stop me from dreaming of you. I don’t know who you are but in my dreams, you exist. Perhaps you are real, perhaps you are not but sometimes, I like to pretend that my unknown lover is real. I love to tell myself that you and I are meant to be, that we have known each other in previous lives and that our love was so strong, t
(I got a DD :la: !)
My dA goal is to be more active on this site so I can do more for the lit community. :D
Favorite Beverage: tea I Love Tea Sign by Mirz123
I last read the entire Fever series (in a week :giggle: ).
When I have free time I enjoy writing, photography, wandering, and spending time with family and friends.
Languages I speak are English, Spanish but it's deteriorating from lack of practice, and French but I'm also slowly forgetting it.
Least favorite chore is dishes. Absolutely hate them.  
Other: I finished this entire journal and then accidentally deleted it by hitting the back button. :cries: I then had to redo it completely.

We are looking forward to your responses! :love:

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The Very Best Roast Beast RecipeFirst, peel the carrot and cut it into half-moon slices. Toss it into a saute pan with the butter and garlic and keep it on a low heat, stirring occasionally to keep it all moist and prevent any of it from burning. If the carrot reaches a chiaroscuro color, it's starting to burn. Allow it to simmer.
In a medium mixing bowl, combine the vinegar, red wine, and spices. Pour into a saucepan and put it on a medium-high heat until the ethanol has cooked off, then add the herbs and beef stock to act as a catalyst. If the beef stock congeals and starts to cicatrize as a reanimated cow, then you may have begun the ritual circle too soon. You can keep the sauce on a low heat, or allow it to cool at room temperature for up to two hours if stove space is an issue.
Draw out the ritual circle shown on page 93 and invoke the barbarian acts of Eran'tul, dread butcher of legend. If an amorphous blob of acid driven by spite emerges, you may be using the wrong salt in the sauce. After about half an hour
Tables Turn"Jesus Christ, Dawn, what the fuck is this?" Chris said as he shot up from his chair, knife in hand.
I stopped scrubbing the dishes and wiped my wet hands on the front of my jeans. I knew it was going to bleach my new denim, but I didn’t care.
He stomped into the kitchen, his work boots slamming against the tile. He never took his shoes off, almost as if he was always ready to leave. He had bathed in cologne, and it’s all I could smell – spicy earth musk as he intruded my personal space.
His jaw flexed as he slowly chewed the London broil I made for dinner. His hot breath licked the side of my face, hands flexing in agitation. For a moment, I didn’t see him angry. There was a slight smirk of his lips, weather-cracked and swollen. The craziness of his strawberry blond hair encircled him like a halo, not a satanic crown. The growth of his beard extended long enough for me to run my fingers through and grip as I kissed his lips.
Then my illusion shattered.
"This me

How to Pocket a Man's HumanityFirst, convince him to adopt
a rescue cat, fat, days away
from slaughter. Find one mis-
sing half his tail. The pair
will purr in tune; this step
is important. Next, rush him,
him and his rescue, to their
home, and then keep them dry
and healthy. Move deliberate-
ly, with articulation. Shape
the sound. Watch cat and man
sup together, sleep together.
Spring happens upon them, as
it does, and the man and his
rescue walk along the bridge-
less route to the forest and
grove without wind. Convince
him to let rescue race aloft,
to the distant hill-top. And
he will, and he does, and he
is gone. The man screams out-
ward into the meadow, scream
after scream weaving through
stalks of wheat, but nothing.
No clicks or mews. A nothing
against the rust of night on
the horizon. Help the man to-
ward his doorstep. Help keep
him apprised of the treeline
and its shadows. Finally, he,
rescue, appears, and the man
grabs your collar and shouts
and walks and runs and stops.
Rescue has brought home life
The Sea's LamentI sit at the hearth, in some rat filled tavern. I drown my sorrows in the vinegar that the man behind the bar dares to call wine. I am numb to the world. The tides sings in my veins but I ignore it. Another night passes and I have not moved from my seat. People in the room stare furtively through the hearth smoke, and whisper that I am not of this world. The barman keeps them from me for the moment, for he is well paid in forgotten coins. My reverie is interrupted by a sailor, the wine heavy on his breath. He suggests obscenity and I ignore him. He reaches for my arm and I flee the tavern, his face a picture of shock at my dissolution. I seek a place of deeper solitude, far from all sailors.
I find myself growing fond of being incarnate, the simplicity of finite vision. I settle in a port that hadn't felt my steps before. I know the language without speaking it before. A room which faces the land lets me forget. I wander the streets, the bustle soothing. The market I learn has it's own

  days I
   watch you
 rise and rage
with a new year
firework fervour–
untamed and glorious,
pulling the years together
with  a snap of  your fingers.
but some days you are languid,
stretching like the summer dusting
of freckles along your forearms, the
slumberous strands of hair shuttering
your sky-eyes from the morning light.
on these days, I think the earth spins
slower and the birds sing a little
quieter. on these days, I look
at you and I think:
progress reportthe astronauts never returned and neither did the news
in my hands i fold a megalithic pigeon
the take-home message is: the cosmos is a cold dead bitch
as you sleep under magazines, waiting for nothing.
in the shackles of a sterilized den, there's an actual
mastodon heart, pale and glassy pink, icy film
tightened like a fist;  - and the scientists despair:
   it's the morning of the opening,
then the few slashes of paralyzing waves.
like a sign we'd make when we were younger, a way to disarm
a bandit, or a preacher
                or the oncoming horde of space invaders.
but the drawings you sent to venus never returned,
 and now the crack,
          and the scientists at a loss before the angered public.
they release a report that states that the floodgates opened
        by themselves, that the valves erode
like the chalky sand that will swirl and hiss

lunacy.what the moon teaches us is
no one exists as a constant.
some days you will orbit elsewhere.
the angles of light that
make up the shadows of you
will keep moving.
it is the same with the ocean
and how it does not meet
the shore the same each time:
some days it will come crashing,
eroding: or it comes back to kiss
its edges over and over
there are some days i am more
of a tsunami. there will be days
you will be eclipsed.
and i don't mind this. the moon is
up in the sky but the ocean still feels
the weight of its pull, always.
i want to drown in the
push and pull of your gravity
in all the ways that's possible.
i could get used to the
different phases of this:
i could get used to our lunacy.
she achesyou offered her your rib. broken and
grateful, she accepted, muddy
fingers pressing
argent bone to tattered flesh. whole,
whole. she aches to be whole.
you offered her your body, diligent with want.
her hands became your religion, her mouth
your heaven. her name is an orison, the sound
honeyed to her ears
she is on her knees but you are the one praying.
god, god. she aches to be god.
he offered her the world, power ripe and
waiting in his hands. hungry and
lustful, she accepted, eager
lips spilling sweet, swallowing seed as
though she's done it
she's done it before.
      ( she needs your rib no longer, don't you see? she licks the meat
        off of her collection of bones, throws them in a pile
        to her left; you had left her to rot under the eye of your
        god, but she flourished.

FFM Day 29- What's Left BehindIn a dim parlor, the men sat in clusters, some chatting with ghosts, others staring mutely. Men muttered and cried, gritting teeth in agony- they reached for limbs that weren’t there anymore.
Someone slammed a door, distant, but cacophonous. Someone coughed, loud as a landslide. Charles flinched. His eyes flitted from body to body, looking for a distraction. The room was stifling, smelling of old blood and myriad maladies.
A boy across from Charles whispered to himself, eyes vacant, face cheerful. In a voice like bullets, sharp and quick, “I’m gonna drop it, I’m a coward, don’t let me drop it, just please take it away from me.”
Charles saw what the nurses and doctors couldn’t, but it never passed his lips. The sunlight spilled across the floor in gashes, rending the boards, blood swirling in the grain of the wood.
The men weren’t trapped in their heads; they were falling out of them. Their skulls were cracked open, many literally. They sw
On losing a friend(it did not end in tears.)
I could give you armfuls of oceans, great
mountain ranges wrapped in silver bows,
a coral reef gleaming like a sapphire chain
but you will always ask for a dormant volcano
and a star you can hold in your palm.
And I have tried to be that star, have tried to
combust bright enough, shrink small enough
but it is never enough for you. You kiss my
mouth with those carmine lips and swallow my
heartbeat with your gentle laugh and I glow
I glow and you go you go you go on stringing
me along a trail of crumbs, making me forget
that I am starving myself for your table scraps.
I could press the slats of pre-dawn light into your
answering machine, could fold dust columns that
fall between venetian archways into your bedsheets,
could hang the lost jewels of jaguar fangs clattering
above your dreamcatcher and you would only ask for
a dormant volcano and a brittle sea-salt glass wave.
And I have tried to capture the tides and I have tried
to blow glass but my hands are clum

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Can I join?
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Oh, sorry! ^^U I submitted in a fourth entry this week thinking that it would be my third one! My apologies for that mistake!
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griffen202island Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Name: You can call me Alie
Work you're most proud of:…
dA goal(s): To share some wonderful peices of art and help other's with their ideas and work
An artist/writer you enjoy on dA: kittykatrocks12, edwardsuoh13, and KohaiBear
What do you like to do on dA? I like to draw, read, and write! As well as create characters that might seem fantasy-like, but make mistakes like real people might do so people might be able to connect with them.
Favorite Beverage: Ramune. All the way.
Favorite book: I have too many! I can't choose!
Currently or last book you read: 1,200 Dream Interpretations
Favorite late night snack: Cheese
What movie should have a sequel? IDK. Don't really get to watch many movies.
What do you do with your free time? Draw, write, listen to music, sing if I'm alone, read, swim if I get the chance, or try to sleep but fail due to my over active imagination.
What's your least favorite chore? Cleaning my "messy" room, which is really an organized mess.
What languages do you speak & how fluently? English. That's sadly it. I do want to learn more, though.
Right now I should be  working on the second chapter of my Fairy AU!  or the cover drawing for the first. That, and much more towards the Fairy AU!
 I really love anime, mostly Hetalia. I'm also allergic to peaches, which might seem strange, but it's true. I love to help out anybody who needs it, and some of my friends say that I'm too kind some times. I love turtles, the beach, and almost everything else that involves water.
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DarknessDolls Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2015
I am very grateful that you have accepted me. I am relatively new in the world of writing and I'm looking for people who might like the pieces of the story of my book that I will  be uploading once I translate them into english! :3
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Sorry to bug you all, but my submission "300 Mice" is still waiting to be let in. Did the group die? Or is my story not good enough? Feedback would help
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Not to be rude, but I'm still waiting for my submissions to be accepted.
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Um...where can I submit "Romantic Comedy"?
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