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Welcome to the Club

    where writer's-alike come together to share ideas and spread their knowledge and love of literature!

Authors-Club welcomes writers and non-writers alike. We aim to support you as you strive to achieve excellence.

You are invited and encouraged to join our cause: supporting and promoting the community's literary growth and knowledge. We welcome a variety of literature, from prose to poetry, fan fiction to fantasy, mystery to romance.

Everyone is allowed to join, whether you write or read! There are no limitations and membership requests are automatically accepted! Plus, we'll give you a llama badge.


Regarding the submission rules

HELLO to our members old and new!!  This is a very fast reminder that if your work has any number of multiple parts, chapters, or segments, that it goes in the recently renamed "Books and Long Prose". Even if your work isn't a novel, if it has any more than one corresponding piece to go with it.  This also goes for multiple short stories that revolve around the same character(s).

We understand that it might not be a novel, however, this keeps things organized!

Also! If you have "curse" words in your work, please be sure to put a mature content filter on it, or just give a little disclaimer at the beginning of your work. While the admin are okay with adult language, the DA rules require this, which means so do we!!

And lastly, you cannot get your work put into the critique folder unless you follow the last update. Please click the link below for more information.

Things have been crazy busy, but we're slowly coming back! We can't wait to read your new works, and see what all you have to offer!!!

Thank you!

Authors-Club admin


If you would like a briefing on Critiques, please check out that journal entry! - Authors-Club
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Board of Trustees

Each trustee has been carefully selected among a large pool of applicants and are the most devout and hardworking of deviants.

When time allots and we require a new member to join our ranks, we will post a journal with the details. Until then, we are not seeking any new admins.


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Week of Daily Deviations:
Internet FriendsInternet friends are fake, unreal, untrustworthy.
Parents say , “Don't give your information
to someone who may do something dirty!
They're liars, evil and rapist in waiting.
Their compliments and gifts
are just another form of baiting.”
I'd like to think that we judge without
getting to know,
what happens on the other side of the mouse.
Internet friends are there when we're alone,
till 2 a.m on weeknights,
chatting with us until the pain is gone.
They're always there to confide,
when we're sometimes
on the verge of suicide.
Pulling us through our depression,
begging us not to relapse,
not to succumb to our regressions.
“Get help, not attention,” they'll tap in chat,
as a response of a picture,
that'll show our wrists all hatched.
Sometimes it's the little things they do for us,
like sending “You're amazing” “You're beautiful”,
“You're so full of love.”
They encourage us at times when our “friends” don't,
when our
85Five children, seventeen grandchildren. Still alone.
I Once Dreamed...I once dreamed that I had you here beside me, in my arms. I could feel your warmth against my skin and I could smell your wonderful scent. It reminded me of spring time, right after the rain.
But better than your warmth and better than your scent, was the amount of happiness it brought me to have you here, embracing you. You and you alone, had the ability to chase the loneliness away. It was a wonderful feeling and a feeling that disappears within an instant as I realize that you’re not real. You’re only a figment of my imagination. There is only coldness beside me and only my own scent that envelops me.
Yet, despite knowing this, it doesn’t stop me from dreaming of you. I don’t know who you are but in my dreams, you exist. Perhaps you are real, perhaps you are not but sometimes, I like to pretend that my unknown lover is real. I love to tell myself that you and I are meant to be, that we have known each other in previous lives and that our love was so strong, t
i would do anything to get you to love yourselfi know your type, i’ve seen them around here
before, browsing through my poems like
you’re flipping through vinyl records, trying to find
that one disc you were listening to the first time
he leaned over and kissed you.
the only way you’ll ever be able to love yourself
is if he leans over and kisses you again, is if someone
tells you about the seven wonders of your soul, if
someone sits down and writes a list of all your beautiful
fault lines that you’ve never been able to forgive.
you want to love yourself and you want to be loved,
but i know it’s hard to believe that you’re holy,
when your hands still shake when they touch food and
your breath always quickens when you drive
over bridges and no one can look you in the eye
when you ask them if you’re beautiful.
look, you’re stardust, you’re snowflakes, you’re
the sky’s gift to us, you’re comets on a cloudy night
when no one looks up to appreciate how beautifully

BabydollPropping my daughter against the towel on my shoulder, I rhythmically pat her back. Nevaeh's just had her second bottle of the day, and try as I might, I still can't get her to burp. Today is no different, and in the end I give up, wipe her small round mouth, and pop her in the bouncer for a while. It's the electric kind, with a soft lullaby and swinging motion, so I know she'll be entertained while I get on with the mountain of washing that needs to be folded.
You wouldn't think just two people could make so much washing, but ever since her dad had left me, it seemed like the washing pile had grown larger instead of smaller. Despite the lullaby, I make conversation with her as I fold - it seems to me that it's the best way to develop her speech, for her to hear it. She's such a good, quiet baby, I often wonder how long until she starts making more noise.
By the time I've reduced "mount fold-me" to a mere foothill, she's asleep, so I leave her in the bouncer and dash out to check the m
For Science, You monster“Doctor, they are approaching. You need to evacuate. The population in the city is down to 10%. My statistics show that at least 40% have been infected and the rest have either died or fled.”
The high pitched, automated voice echoed among the alarms and sirens that went off through the compound. The screens that lined the wall conveyed an emergency broadcast and lights flickered in ominous hues of red. However, the woman in the lab coat remained in the same focused pose as she worked on some numbers and formulas.
“Doctor McKay, they are on the second floor. Please head to the nearest exit. This situation has a 0% chance of survival.”
“For the love of god, just shut up.”
“God is an entity whose presence is questionable doctor. I can’t have a feeling about it without interacting first.”
“Shut up Glyph,” Dr. McKay groaned between clenched teeth as she scrapped the line she wrote moments prior. “Stop the alarms. I can&

Evidence Against MeToday, I know
how a knife slides from the counter
into a hand,
a flash only;
slips between a man’s ribs
or through thick muscles in his chest
I force my hand to my side,
breathe deep, slice
a beefy red tomato
My heart slows;
the air in the room grows still
on begging to be yourselfI don't want to die. I've never wanted to die, not even when I curled into an apostrophe and muttered the half-wish to the walls of my flesh.
All I've ever wanted is a word. I want a word for the ache between my xylophone ribs that doesn't make my loved ones shudder with misinterpretation and distrust of my volatile heart; I want a word to encompass the missing parts that I cannot remember the names of; I want a word that will explain to people that it's okay that I'm not whole, because not-whole doesn't always equate to being broken.
I can tell you that my heart aches the way a blade of grass bends in a summer storm, my skin feels like drying watercolours on pavement and I can feel the highway of my veins inside my flesh, but I can't tell you that I have the word I need. I don't have it, but my knees are puckered from prayer that someone out there does and that one day they'll press poetry into my ears and share it with me like a secret.
I don't want to die. All I want is to be allowe


Affiliation Protocol:

If you are interested in affiliating with Authors-Club you must be an active literature group who is familiar with dA policies and over 3 months old.

Please, send a note to our group expressing the reason that you are interesting in affiliating with us and we will get back to you promptly.




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Why I didn't know this club existed? D: By the way, hi ^^
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Okay I submitted the correct Critique folder feedback for the poem on Gaia and The Dark Carnival in the comments on each, I submitted a few weeks ago one of my stories not yet featured in any other folder gallery here and while the submission views have risen not one critique or even a comment on it.

Um how much longer should I wait?
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Thank you so much for featuring my poem on the front page of your group. I realized on your profile you mentioned DLD (Daily Lit. Deviations)—that group is no longer active, and has disbanded. Thankfully, there's another group called DLR (Daily Lit. Recognition) that is DLD's successor. 
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