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Welcome to the Club

    where writer's-alike come together to share ideas and spread their knowledge and love of literature!

Authors-Club welcomes writers and non-writers alike. We aim to support you as you strive to achieve excellence.

You are invited and encouraged to join our cause: supporting and promoting the community's literary growth and knowledge. We welcome a variety of literature, from prose to poetry, fan fiction to fantasy, mystery to romance.

Everyone is allowed to join, whether you write or read! There are no limitations and membership requests are automatically accepted! Plus, we'll give you a llama badge.


Is your summer everything you hoped it would be? Ready for school yet?


:sun:A group overview :sun: 

Farewell to IrrevocableFate -
Due to a large work load, we say goodbye to our fantastic co-admin IrrevocableFate! She's a fantastic volunteer to the DA community, and we were happy to have her as long as we did. Best wishes to you on all your future activities!


:ArizonaSunFlower: JULY FEATURES :ArizonaSunFlower: 

A few features from July 

Here's to those who are hurting               You're not poison ivy and you're not crushed mimosa, you're not a history of screwed ups and let downs, you're not choked hazard with nothing else to give. You're not his or hers or theirs to be tugged and pulled around by their selfish and egocentric whims and your future is certainly not on their leash. You don't combust into flames and extinguish into ashes on the click of their fingers, so breathe and relax. You don't owe anyone anything and you certainly are not their definition of damaged cassette tapes.
               Tell anyone who had ever told you that you're not gritted teeth and clenched fist to screw off because you had been inhaling vile smoke and your lungs are turning black and your kidneys are rebelling into cement and stones and you are in the middle of pitfalls and booby traps and all you have are wrong wrong wrong advices that made you cry until your bones f
Six Word Story ~ New ArtLooks strange now,
Gets better later.

The Nightmare - Day 192The clock struck twelve.
The child could almost hear the clash of metal on metal as some monk in some far away monastery struck his tower bell. The thought of it reverberated through his being and sent ripples through the darkness.
He could hear them. They were just down the hall. They were whispering to him. Trying to lure him out of his room. But he was cleverer than them. He knew they wanted him to go out. He wasn't going to fall for it. He didn't care how much they promised him he wasn't going to do it.
Then he heard a thump.
It came from down the hall. It was one of them.
There was another thump.
And another. And another. And another.
One of them was coming to him! The child started panting. They'd never done this before. They'd never tried to approach him. They must be tired of waiting. They want him, they want to eat him they want to kill him!
The child was shaking with fear. He took a deep breath and reached for his flash-light. His parents had always told him that he could sca
EndoskeletonThere was a song he liked humming as his teeth fell out.
“My bones are dirty; you bones are pure.”
He spat a handful of enameled blood and saliva. It was becoming harder to form the words. They slurred between his cracked lips.
She pressed two fingers against her temple, like a make-believe gun. What did he mean?
He was lying on his face, ribcage shaking, a fallen tooth cutting into his injured face.
She abandoned the sentence a few seconds before the last word came out. Too much thinking. He grabbed her ankle, his dirty fingernails digging in her dark skin.
“Don’t you know” he whispered as saliva dripped from the holes in his mouth “don’t you know that when we die, your black skeleton will become white and mine will become black? Isn’t it what they said?”
He tried to reach up to her knee, to stand up, but she took a step back.
“Isn’t it what this is all about?”
He clutched to her dress, ripping the hem apart, and

:redalert: GROUP REMINDERS :redalert:

Reminders about rules

Mature Content

It would come as a no brainer that this group is hosted on Deviant Art. Because of this, we must abide by their rules. While we understand that not every group requires a mature content filter for things such as violence, sexual content and language, we do.

Most recently, we've been having quite a few people submit work that has language in the title. Unfortunately, mature content filter doesn't cover this, which means we won't be able to accept this work at all. 

Critique Folder

If you'd like to submit to the Critique Folder, please be sure to check out this journal to see our guidelines.


Please re-familiarize yourself with our Frequently Asked Questions, or if you haven't read it, please do so now! We updated it, and have been getting some of the same questions that we keep on that list.


:sun: revision Got a case of writer's block? Try out one of our plots for size! :sun: revision 

Old but unforgotten by alia-mayuri

Has summer been b o g g i n g you down? All the traveling, working, or running around keep you away from your keyboard, and now you're finding you've got a writer's block from lack of writing? 
Maybe you've been writing too much, and blew a muse fuse
Here are a few plots to get you to get back in the swing of things, and kick that block aside!

Think about ways to make your story u n i q u e, and go outside your normal box to give it a special twist that no one else might have thought of!

Submit a 500-800 word story, or 10-20 line poem, 
and link back to this journal to challenge your watchers to pick a plot,
and join in on the fun!

Plot 1

A man receives coded prophecies in his sleep but finds he can't decode them until it's too late.
Something extra: He finds out there's another person who's having dreams that are the key to unlocking his own.
Things to think about:
Does the person agree to help them? What's happening to cause these dreams? What will happen if they don't decode the dreams in time?

Plot 2

Two artists are bitter rivals, but over time begin to admire each other, which leads to romantic feelings.
Something extra: Once they begin to give in to their feelings, their ability to create art begins to fade.
Things to think about:What type of art do they create? What is causing them to loose their ability? How do they plan on fixing this problem?

Plot 3

Your protagonist notices their neighbor's door is left open, and decides to go and make sure everything is alright.
Something extra: They wind up in the basement and find something they had never expected, at that moment, the neighbor comes home.
Things to think about:What did they find? Why did the protagonist enter the home to begin with? What happens now that they know what's in their neighbor's basement?


:sun: revision In need of some writing advice? :sun: revision 

"On Writing" by Stephen King.
You don't have to be a King fan to enjoy this book! He talks about the struggles of being a writer, how he honed his craft, and what worked for him to get where he is today.

"Now Write!Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror"by Laurie Lamson
While I could recommend every single one of these books in the "Now Write!" series, this one in particular has some great tidbits by writers who are at the top of their genres giving advice and exercises to help get you going!

"Word Painting: A guide to writing more descriptivelyby Rebecca McClanahan
For those of you who want to brush up on your descriptive writing, this book is one that myself, and several other writers here on DA have suggested. Not only does it encourage you to write with your own style, instead of adapting to the style of the author, it also gives you better ideas for writing descriptively, while avoiding cliches. 


:sun: revision  Featured photos! :sun: revision  

English summer - Eastbourne by Mefistofelewicz sunset by JungleBB

Flume Gorge by LoveEternal891
The Dusk Of Morning by xsilver-cloudx O by SkylerBrown
Upcoming Storm by st3rn1
Sun trap by Baetu Summer fun III. by HGIELSEHC

Did you know...

You, yes YOU, can suggest Daily Deviations?  While the DA staff are the ones who get to choose from the suggested deviations they receive, they are picking from suggestions that the community are voicing!  If you have a writer you're fond of, and you think that they deserve more face time, you can drop IrrevocableFate or SingingFlames a line!! 
You can even suggest your own work!!!

Please be sure to check out both of their guidelines before you submit!
Irrevocablefate's Guidelines
Singingflames' Guidelines
More Journal Entries


Board of Trustees

Each trustee has been carefully selected among a large pool of applicants and are the most devout and hardworking of deviants.

When time allots and we require a new member to join our ranks, we will post a journal with the details. Until then, we are not seeking any new admins.


Information Center

What's all the hubbub about?

:bulletblack: We are looking for donations to renew our super-group status; any amount is appreciated: Authors-Club-Fund

:bulletblack: Have a question? Look no further, read the Authors-Club Frequently Asked Questions.

:bulletred: Before you submit into our gallery, read the Submission Rules & Regulations to be properly informed.

:bulletblack: Our chatroom, #authorsroom is currently [Open/Closed]
Please, check out our Chatbox rules & Meeting times! <3

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Literature News

Suggesting Literature DDs and DLDs

Lit Community Volunteers:
IrrevocableFate & SingingFlames TheMaidenInBlack & LiliWrites

Suggest a Daily Deviation!

Suggest a Daily Lit Deviation!

Week of Daily Deviations:
On Seeing without SightPATIENT 1 - a young boy of ten-twelve years; was discharged from hospital one week after operation. He is in his bedroom, surrounded by wooden objects and shapes on paper.
BOY: Depth? What is depth?
DOCTOR: Depth is the third dimension, other than length and width. (motions with hands)
BOY (bemused): Dimension?
DOCTOR (holds drawing of square and a wooden cube): This drawing has two dimensions: length and width. This wooden cube has three, including height.
BOY (struggles to reach wooden sphere): This is depth? (holds sphere with both hands, ogling)
DOCTOR: No, that is roundness. The sphere has depth, though.
BOY: I don't understand.
PATIENT 2 - a young male slightly older than Patient 1. He is in a hospital bed, preoperative.
DOCTOR (presses wooden cube and sphere into patient's hands): Can you tell what these shapes are?
War's EndEliza stood at the window, plaid wrapped over her head and shoulders. The only thing to be seen through the pane was a flickering greyness. Not even a shade of rooftops. “Damnable country. I won’t miss it.”
William looked up from the latest papers that had plodded their way through the snowy roads from headquarters. His stare was colder than Loch Ness water this time of the year. “You say that like there’s no chance of another campaign.”
“I’ll wad a guinea.”
He opened that mouth of his, that turned so gabby with soldier’s talk. Before he could speak, a bout of coughing racked him. It was the canister shot shards lodged in his chest, not disease. So Eliza stayed where she was, and let the cough tire out.
“You’re boss-hearted, you know?” William’s voice was low and gravelly. He rose and handed a dispatch to her over the desk. “Here’s your guinea.”
Today the general’s secretary had
In Which I Tell Myself To (1) Survive2.     Do not choke yourself with
        the name of a murderer
        around your neck.
        Instead, let it in.
        Give it the chance to testify,
        because more than likely:
        it will understand.
        It will tell you we all must
        kill something which we love.
        But do not let it give you its name:
        you, white rabbit girl, grow
        too attached (too fast),
        and you do not yet know
        the angle at which to break
        snowcapped knuckles into
        letting go.
3.     Open your chest like
        dislocated jaws swallowing
        down the ends of

LessonsIn forty-seven minutes I will be twenty-one years old and my throat is tight with this notion
that every passing moment is a boat taking me further from the boy on the side of the road.
I am terrified of the swelling tide of time, the ripples I will create,
the creases that will be etched into my face
without the laughter lines I know he would have left and
one day someone will ask me how many siblings I have and I will hesitate
because he will be so distant and I can feel it coming.
I never intended to swim without him, but
I am drowning under the weight of pocket-stone-people,
the ones I love who he has never met and won't ever meet
and its forty-four minutes until I turn twenty-one when I realize the relentlessness of this;
how I will age away from him and I am disgusted with myself, with his ashes on the bookshelf,
with this world that keeps making mistakes that can't be fixed.
Twenty one years old and I am a semi-colon, a shuddering pause on the floor,
remembering the time I broke
beautiful.i hate my stretchmarks
the vertical   the horizontal  the ones running miles down my arms
stripes on a circus tent
my body is a freak show
75 cents a ticket
they are the bars on a cage
trapping me inside this prison cell of flesh
                                   (not letting me run away
                                           from all i once was)
reminding me that i am 
still that little girl who 
was told that she had too
much weight in her stomach
and in her thighs 
to be called beautiful
my stretchmarks are the debris from when i tried to collapse upon myself
tried taking up less space 
because beautiful is small  beautiful is skinny
diets upon diets
because i've been told that
i am only worth the sharpness of my collarbone
Plattery Will Get You NowhereMr. and Mrs. Bartle had enjoyed their day out at the Great Exhibition.
They had admired the phonograph that could store an incredible twelve wax cylinders and play them in any order; they had seen the amazing hydraulic hand (which had a slightly unfortunate range of gestures); and they had even made a purchase—a vessel that was kettle, pot and cup combined, and sold already filled to the brim with steaming tea.
And now to finish the day off, they were watching a charming gentleman in one of the booths demonstrating a serving platter.
“ you see, you wind it up here—” The gentleman placed the platter flat on a table and rotated a handle. “—and then put this lever to ‘on’…”
The platter vibrated into life.
“Now you just have to enter your instructions.” The gentleman indicated the keyboard on the side of the platter. “For example…” His fingers clattered over the keys and there was a ping. The gen

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