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Welcome to the Club

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    where writer's-alike come together to share ideas and spread their knowledge and love of literature!

Authors-Club welcomes writers and non-writers alike. We aim to support you as you strive to achieve excellence.

You are invited and encouraged to join our cause: supporting and promoting the community's literary growth and knowledge. We welcome a variety of literature, from prose to poetry, fan fiction to fantasy, mystery to romance.

Everyone is allowed to join; whether you write or read! There are no limitations and membership requests are automatically accepted! Plus, we'll give you a llama badge.

Authors-Club Frequently Asked Questions :iconsothereplz:

Get the insider's scoop...

Here, at the Authors-Club, we tend to get the same questions asked repeatedly throughout the year - a problem that many groups face. To clear this up, we've created this page to help those of you who have already read the rules and are still a little confused, or who are just curious about something that you need an answer to!

Q. Are you currently looking for new admin/co-founders/employees?

At any time we are looking for new worker bees, we will be sure to post a journal about it. At that time, we'll post up some basic requirements, asking people to fill out an application, and then take about a week to review them.  If there wasn't an announcement posted, chances are we are not looking for new helpers, but thank you for offering.

Q. Why was my work rejected?

When a piece is rejected, we will send you a message informing you of the reason it was not accepted and what you may do in order to have it pass. However, we are HUMAN and mistakes do happen; so, if you do not receive a message, just let us know!

The following are the most common reasons for rejection into a particular folder:
1. Placed into the wrong folder 
2. Mature content without an appropriate filter
3. Submitted in the wrong format.  We accept only literature submissions (not blog entries or visual literature)

** We will never reject someone because of lack of skill or our own opinions on the piece.

Q. My piece was rejected because you want me to resubmit it to a different folder. Why can't you just move the work into the correct folder for me?

Yes, we can go to the deviation page. Yes, we can resubmit your work for you, but we are a busy group and it would be practically impossible to do that for every piece improperly submitted. While you just have to resubmit one to three pieces, on average we have half of the submissions sent to us incorrectly filed, and when we have a range of 30-100 submissions a day, it adds up.

Q. A folder is full and I can no longer submit!?

This does happen from time to time! Just bring it to our attention on the front page, and we will open up a new one. We try to keep them clean, but sometimes it gets a little bogged down.

Q. Why am I not able to submit anymore!? Was I banned from the group?

We never kick a member out of the group without having a legitimate reason, and even then, we discuss why it's happening with the member before hand. To date, we've never banned/kicked out anyone, so it's probably a mistake. Just let us know you're having problems submitting, and we'll see what's going on. Chances are, permissions were changed and yours accidentally got altered without us realizing it.

Q. Can we affiliate with your group?

While we do accept affiliates, we have a few rules as to what we're looking for.  Please note the group with your request and we'll discuss this more in depth.

Q. Why isn't "Journal Avenue" open to submissions?

Starting back in...about May 2014 I want to say, we noticed that journals were becoming more and more common in the group. TOO common for that matter.

Members were abusing the journal folder, only using the group for advertising, or art requests, as well as posting up life updates that only pertained to their watchers. To add to that, there were incidents where individuals would ONLY post journals and had stopped writing all together.  We were loosing people because of the spam that was getting through, and no longer allow journal submissions through the "submission portal" anymore. 

Q. How can I get my journal submitted to the group?

The journal submission process has a few hoops to jump through because we want people to really think, "Is this something that the entire group needs to know, or would only my followers care about this?".

We ask that you send us a note, titled "Journal Suggestion", with a link to the entry, what it's about, and why you feel like it needs to be shared with everyone.  Give us at least a week to get to your requests, as we wind up with quite a few submissions, and need to go through them all.

Q. Why won't you feature my journal?

As stated above, the spam.  Secondly, there isn't a filter option when you're submitting a journal, and some of them were filled with topics, language and adult material, that again, not all of our members want to.

What we're looking for when it comes to Journal Avenue are pieces that are more about the community as a whole, not actual literature, or life updates. Contests, Critiques, How To's, General Site Information and Updates, as well as Help Wanted requests (for literature related things only) are what we're looking for. So it's more of a community board!


** As time goes by, we'll update this list, these are just the basics that we see a lot of.  If your question isn't on the list, please feel free to note the group, and we'll try to help you to the best of our abilities!

our contest has come to a close as of 12 am on August 15th

Authors-Club proudly presents:

Cicadas, Coconuts, & Commitments III

It's that time of year when we bask in the warm summer sun, sip dainty drinks, and do the things we've waited months to do. I can almost smell summer! Can you hear the cicadas chirp? Lather yourself up with coconut butter and get your shades because you are about to join the Ho`olaule`a!


Aloha! This is only the third contest ever hosted by this club. Consequently, this event will be the biggest we have had to date. Prepare to bring this contest to the next level.

:bulletred: If you are interested in donating features, points, critiques or anything to this contest, please comment below or note the club, Authors-Club or amour-raven.

"No Keia La, No Keia Po, A Mau Loa"
(From this day, from this night, forever more)

What are we asking you to do?

Select one of the six images below to use as your muse. After plenty of imagining, utilizing the image for inspiration: sights, sounds, smells, touches, tastes we challenge you to create a poem or short story based off of that one photograph.

Sunset under a coconut tree by Geraldinejane Chacahua by SimonVelazquezArt July sunset by Wiku2707
Summer by Ever-flying-free Summer. by MellyBaldin Summer by Krawat93


[Contest Deadline: August 15th]


Event Guidelines - Ho'olu komo la kaua

:bulletgreen: There is only one entry for each participant
:bulletorange: For prose entries: 1000 word limit
:bulletred: For poetry entries: 20 line limit
:bulletblue: Fan fiction is not allowed
:bulletorange: You must be a member to participate
:bulletgreen: You must link the image that you use in the description box!!!
:bulletyellow: Your work of literature must be created after July 13th, 2014
:bulletpink: Mature content is accepted, but please place either a disclaimer in the description box or a mature content filter on the work of literature itself.
:bulletblue: In order for your entry to be accepted you must state the contest, "Cicadas, Coconuts, & Commitments" with a link to both the contest and our club in the description box.

Your story can be based on love, adventure, heartbreak, mystery, et cetera.

The Kahuna's - The Judges

amour-raven | jackofalltrades0097 | Delta-13 | mortemmaul

The Judging is currently in progress :dummy:

Kilokilo's Treasure Chest - much to win!

There will be 3 winners since this is our THIRD contest:
1st - Mua loa
2nd - Kualua
3rd - Hapakolu

:bulletgreen: ezradeacon will offer:
a feature for the winners
50 points to first place

:bulletgreen: Apocalypse-writing will offer:
a feature for the winners on their group page

:bulletgreen: jackofalltrades0097 will offer:
100 points to the first place winner
50 points to the second place winner
25 points to the third place winner

:bulletgreen: IrrevocableFate will offer:
feature to all the winners

:bulletgreen: mortemmaul will offer:
feature to all winners
$20 to the first place winner
a drawing for each winner

:bulletgreen: Delta-13 will offer:
a journal mention, critique, and 150 points to first place
a journal mention, critique, and 100 points to second place
a journal mention, critique, and 50 points to third place

:bulletgreen: PoeticalCondition will offer:
a feature to all the winners in their journal

:bulletgreen: PowerfulWriting will offer:
critiques to the winners (amount and critiquers pending)

:bulletgreen: theWrittenRevolution
feature to all the winners
60 points to first place
30 points to second place
10 points to third place

courtesy of HtBlack an additional 100 points

:bulletgreen: Writers-Aid will offer:
a critique and feature in gallery to winners
75 points, and a 2 month premium membership to first place

:bulletgreen: Same-side of House-of-Playwrights will offer:
critique to the winners

:bulletgreen: WritersInk will offer:
feature to all winners

:bulletgreen: TheWritersMeow will offer:
feature to all winners

:bulletgreen: ThePoetryofDA will offer:
a feature to all winners

:bulletgreen: Naktarra will offer:
a feature to all the winners in upcoming literature article

:bulletgreen: GrimFace242 will offer:
a feature
100 points to first place, second, and third place

:bulletgreen: MadHat11D6 will offer:
Feature for all the winners
3 Critiques for first place and an additional feature on this literary blog with their permission
3 Critiques for second place
2 critiques for third place


"Nana ka maka;
ho`olohe ka pepeiao;
pa`a ka waha."

"Observe with the eyes; listen with the ears; and shut the mouth. Thus you can learn."


Submit Here - Pomaika`i!

We are no longer accepting submissions into the above folder - thank you ^^
More Journal Entries

Information Center

What's all the hubbub about?

Judging is in process - we hope to have it completed this weekend (8.30): Cicadas, Coconuts, & Commitments

We are looking for donations to renew our super group status, any amount is appreciated: Authors-Club-Fund

Before you submit into our gallery, read the Submission Rules & Regulations to be properly informed.

Our chatroom, #authorsroom is currently [Open/Closed]
Please, check out our Chatbox rules & Meeting times! <3


Board of Trustees

Each trustee has been carefully selected among a large pool of applicants and are the most devout and hardworking of deviants.

When time allots and we require a new member to join our ranks, we will post a journal with the details. Until then, we are not seeking any new admins.



Affiliation Protocol:

If you are interested in affiliating with Authors-Club you must be an active literature group who is familiar with dA policy and not new.

Please, send a note to our group expressing the reason that you are interesting in affiliating with us and we will get back to you promptly.




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