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Authors-Club welcomes writers and non-writers alike. We aim to support you as you strive to achieve excellence.

You are invited and encouraged to join our cause: supporting and promoting the community's literary growth and knowledge. We welcome a variety of literature, from prose to poetry, fan fiction to fantasy, mystery to romance.

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We hope that you've enjoyed your 2015 year so far! 
Spring has officially sprung, and March is just about over!

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Pink Flower A group overview Pink Flower 

- Folders have been cleaned -
 As of March 20th, all folders have been updated, cleaned out, and shuffled around. Pieces that have been put into storage were removed from folders, to make way for new works, and old works that were in the wrong place have been put into their correct homes!

- Affiliates Updated
All inactive affiliates have been removed, and now our list is current and ready for you to go look through! If you have a literary group, and you'd like to affiliate with us, please check out our front page for our guidelines, and send us a request!

- Farewell to introverted-ghost -
One of our lovely admin has moved on to bigger and brighter things! We wish her the best of luck on her future writings, and recommend all of you going to look at her work and just say thanks for donating all that she has to this group!

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Pink Flower Our favorite group submissions from March Pink Flower 

Teetering Tower - Day 80Alesha was in quite a pickle.
She had her laptop open, her mouse hovering just above the Gun Arc icon. She'd just got it. It was so fun. She wanted to play it so bad! But a pile of books towered above her, telling her to do her homework. It seemed to sway back and forth, almost trying to warn her that the wrong decision would make it topple over like a Jenga tower.
“That's what it reminds me of, jeez, I've been going nuts over it.” She exclaimed to herself.
“What?” Ryan asked. She looked at her screen. Skype was open. Ryan's picture of a zombified pokémon was staring at her soul.
“Oh, right, Skype, forgot that was on.” She muttered. “Yeah, its nothing, don't worry 'bout it.”
“Oh, okay.” Ryan replied. “So you hopping on or what?”
“I don't know, man. I have all this homework.” She stared at the teetering tower of literature with dread. “Should I just leave it till later?”
She heard a dist
  The Purged: Chapter One: Ajax
Today was just like any other day. I tread down the empty streets, working my way down the same familiar narrow alley way I take every morning and focus on the moldy walls and cobbled ground beneath me. The rancid smell of cats and dogs rummaging through the rubbish sets my nostrils ablaze with disgust. I swear, you can still smell the stench of rotting corpses, that were once the Purged; a constant reminder of the death that plagued our home. The brick around me is what interests me; deplete with graffiti, I try to imagine the artists who created them in such detail; and what each image meant. Other men ride the trucks to the wall, I prefer being on my own, even though I'm surrounded by silence on most occasions. My stomach tightens at the sudden thought of the rotting corpses and I begin to wonder if that smell could have been from the artists who's work I admired everyday. I shake the thought from my head and continue my walk. I reach the top of the alley and turn the corner. I know

The Red ScareIt's been almost a year since this happened, but now I'm finally ready to share it. Any Islamophobic comments will be immediately hidden so don't even try. Even if you hate Muslims or you think of them as dangerous, this is a true story about something terrible that happened to an innocent girl.
I was in physics class first period on the first Monday of April 2014, when the vice principal said over the intercom that the students would be called down by class to an assembly. This was surprising to most of us, as an assembly had not been planned. My physics teacher asked what the assembly was for.
"You know the girl who wears this?" A senior in my class asked, making a sweeping motion with her hand around her face.
I knew who she was referring to. There was a Muslim freshman -- we'll call her X -- who wore a hijab every day. She seemed to have many different ones. I saw her in the hallway sometimes. She looked very quiet and shy.
The senior said that someone had put a note in X's
  C.O.L.D WorldHello folks. Welcome to n/a, the capital of Unamore. Where individuality is frowned upon and corruption's the norm. Where watches and clocks are outlawed and the year is always 2084. Not Authentic? Not Available? Though no one knows what n/a actually stands for most of its citizens refer to it as The C.O.L.D. where all dreams are attainable, though only a select few ever seem to reach this plateau. All the local excitement is documented and put into the iDiet news so be sure to keep up with the daily literature... If u can call it literature. Order is enforced by Regulators who have the right to arrest, detain, injure and dispose of anyone they feel violates n/a law. This is the only form of 'justice' we have but don't be fooled, they're No Avengers. Now Captain Awesome on the other hand, he was a hero. Back when the city was infested with crime the Captain would face off and single handedly defeat his nemesis'. From Nursery Jack to the diabolically genius Dr. Phantom we were always sa

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Pink Flower Purple Pose vs ImageryPink Flower 
Over many of the admin's readings, when critiquing people's work, when we say "It can get a little too purple prose-y" we often times get back "What's Purple Prose?"

pur·ple prose

prose that is too elaborate or ornate.

Generally speaking, purple prose is just another way of saying "flowery and over dramatic".  It's a hard thing to define, but most writers and readers know it when they see it.  Unnecessary complex words, long drawn out metaphors, and multiple descriptive terms to describe the same thing are all a big flashing sign that screams "PURPLE PROSE". 
 To give an example, let's look at a pretty generic statement.

"The quick red fox jumped over the lazy brown dog." 

This is straight forward, to a point, and even in some sense, tells a little bit of a story. Is it perfect? By no means, but it gives you some imagery.  It's not something overly simple like "The fox jumped over the dog", but it does what it's supposed to do.
Now, let's get a little crazy here.

"The impish rapscallion, a sly faced vixen with sleek fur of a fiery cardinal hue, darted like a comet across the emerald verdant turf towards his victim, a muddied chocolate lab, sprawled across the earth like a corpse.  He soared over the sluggish figure, a blur of crimson over the body of his dozing prey."

See how carried away you can get when you just replace your words with ones you find in a thesaurus?

Is it really a bad thing?

  • Word choice depends on what, exactly, you want to write, how, and why. You've got to have a plan behind that your flowery wording serves, otherwise it's just showing off. In general, amateur writers better learn how to trim rather than how to let those flowers grow: stick to simplicity in style, and the worst that can happen is bland prose; go frolicking in the purple meadows, and you're going to end up sounding ridiculous. - quote by VFreie
  • In some cases, readers really enjoy this form of writing.  The way Dickens embellishes his stories is something he's well known, and actually loved for!  However, Dickens was a man who perfected his craft, and there are still readers who hate his work because of how he describes everything to details that could be considered pointless.  If you find a niche group of readers who love your flowery language then by all means, stop reading now! But if you're using the excuse "It's just my style!" when your critiquers are saying it sounds too over embellished, maybe it's time to find someone to help hone your craft.
  • In a lot of cases, using this much imagery lets the reader be aware that it's someone trying to tell a story, and doesn't let them ease into the world on their own. They get so hung up on every little detail, it's hard to tell what's even going on anymore. Now, I don't think you should write like you talk (I say "y'all" avidly, but in my prose, it's something I try to avoid), but you should have some sense of realism. 

How can you avoid it?

  •   Ask yourself, if I walked up to someone on the street, and I said this to them, would they look at me like I was completely bananas?  That's usually the first thing I do, and if the answer is yes, I know it's time to pull back on some of those flowery words.
  • If there's a simpler word you can use when writing, use it. Don't pick the words that sounds fancy just so you can sound smarter. Be honest with yourself and your writing style, but don't get carried away. You want your reader to relate to your written work, so relate to your reader by using more practical language. - quote by Kiarorin 
  • While you might be very impressed with yourself, it might be time to, as Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch wrote, "murder your darlings".  What this basically means is if it's something you're especially proud of, you might want to take a second look, and ask yourself if it's something that actually needs to be omitted. 
  • Nothing beats having a beta-reader who's a stickler for simplicity and who will tear the overloaded descriptions apart with particular efficiency because that's precisely the style they don't like. The DIY version is, go on a reading binge of stuff written in simple and concise style until it rubs off on you; then edit your piece while you're under that influence. I'd never claim it could work with everyone, but I find it an easy and effective trick. - quote by VFreie
  • Hold off on pulling out a thesaurus and replacing words you don't think sound "smart" enough.  If you feel like a description is lacking something, changing words around so much till your audience isn't sure what's going on won't help.  Think about how to create a scene with your normal speech, and then edit it later to give it extra spice.

When is it appropriate?

  • In small doses, this can be an effective way to show a setting, or how a character is being compelled to act in a certain way. Once it starts to turn into a five page description of the way a character feels about a window, what that window looks like, and how that window is really just a metaphor for her life, you might want to rethink a few things.
  • When it's something that your genre is known for, I say go for it.  If you're someone who wants to write dime store novels, with Fabio on the cover, and love the romance genre in general, you'll notice that a lot of authors in this line of work just love their purple prose.  They do it to make their scenes romantic, over the top, and in some cases the cheesiness adds to the story.
  • Using the occasional "purple prose" when necessary is okay. For example, describing a huge royal palace might be an okay time to to add those fancy words, but not when your character is washing dishes or starting a car. - quote by Kiarorin 
  • When you're Charles Dickens.  Are you Dickens? No? Maybe it's time to rethink your use of purple prose.

In closing

Cutting out purple prose is not cutting out talent. Cutting out purple prose is cutting out language that looks more like a vocabulary exercise than a story. Use all of the vivid description you want, but be sure to pay close attention to the purpose of your words. Keep the above advice in mind, but know that if you have a lot of description and it’s all worthwhile, keep it. - quote by Writeworld

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Pink Flower Got a case of writer's block? Try out one of our plots for size!  Pink Flower 

we are the people unable to speak by xXxCyberDiamondXxX

After a long winter, sometimes you can feel like you're  d r a g g i n g  into Spring, and your writing is becoming stale.  
Getting out and being active are great ways to not only get your mind going, but can create plot ideas for your future stories!
Here are a few "active" plots to get you to stretch your creative muscles, and erase a winter writer's block!
Think about ways to make your story u n i q u e, and go outside your normal box to give it a special twist that no one else might have thought of!

Submit a 500-800 word story, or 10-20 line poem,
and link back to this journal to challenge your watchers to pick a plot,
and join in on the fun!

Plot 1

An ex-convict breaks his/her restrictive parole to achieve spiritual wholeness on a pilgrimage. 
Something extra: Along his/her hike, s/he meets someone s/he least expected.
Things to think about:
Where did s/he go? Who did s/he meet? And what is s/he trying to spiritually atone for?

Plot 2

A runaway finds him/herself in a seaside village where they discover a love of swimming, scuba diving, and all things ocean.
Something extra: Just as they start to establish themselves in the community, someone returns to take them back.
Things to think about:
What are they running away from? Why is the ocean so important to them? Who's taking them back, and why?

Plot 3

When a group of spelunkers enter a sealed cavern chamber, they discover something that no one else has seen before.
Something extra: Some of the group wants to bring their discovery to the surface, and others think they should leave the found thing(s) untouched. 
Things to think about:
What did they find? Why should it be left alone? Why do the others want to show it to the world?

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Pink Flower Want to know where the plots and some of the advice came fromPink Flower 

"The Writer's Idea Thesaurus" by Fred White.
It has over 2,000 unique story ideas, within 20 major categories, and advice on how to
think outside the box when it comes to your plotting process!

"World Painting" by Rebecca McClanahan
Want to step up your descriptions in your stories, without sounding like you got all your
words from a thesaurus? This is the book for you! 

"Story Trumps Structure" by Steven James
A great book for if you're feeling like you're stuck in a rut, and boxing in your writing with 
rules. While some rules are good, this book shows that others are better off broken.

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Pink Flower Featured photos! Pink Flower 

Bee by superbestlucky Late Spring Evening 04 by ferobanjo Bridge by Shrapnel92

162/365 by greggorievich Japanese Spring 2015 - 25 by caffinefreek Foggy Spring Morning by RETORBOY
Wanderer by MeuWi Snail 2015 by xBarbaraG Spring on Bear Island by MarshExplorer

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Did you know...

You, yes YOU, can suggest Daily Deviations?  While the DA staff are the ones who get to choose from the suggested deviations they receive, they are picking from suggestions that the community are voicing!  If you have a writer you're fond of, and you think that they deserve more face time, you can drop IrrevocableFate or SingingFlames a line!! 
You can even suggest your own work!!!

Please be sure to check out both of their guidelines before you submit!
Irrevocablefate's Guidelines
Singingflames' Guidelines

Want more writing advice?
Check out our affiliate group's latest journal! 

Mentorship Project, Fifth LessonHello, my dear mentors and mentees! :salute: I hope the course is going fine for you all, and that you're learning and enjoying yourself. Hopefully making friends, too! (:
First things first
We have interviewed some great deviants for you: in tWR Interviews:Vocabulary, Narrative Voice and POV, raspil and Memnalar talk about narrative voice and POV, and Carmalain7, Vigilo, williamszm, kiwi-damnation and jade-pandora talk about vocabulary building for poetry. Please check it out! And maybe give it a fav:+fav: because it deserves the exposure. :heart:
Poetry Course - Lesson 5
This 5th lesson focuses on vocabulary building.
The Resources/Articles
Synonyms, the Thesa

More Journal Entries


Board of Trustees

Each trustee has been carefully selected among a large pool of applicants and are the most devout and hardworking of deviants.

When time allots and we require a new member to join our ranks, we will post a journal with the details. Until then, we are not seeking any new admins.


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Suggest a Daily Lit Deviation!

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Sunday MorningHer voice slowly crept into his consciousness as he woke. She was reading poetry in the bath.
He couldn’t watch the drop of water slip down her chest to the water from the next room so he made do with imagining. He stayed there a few minutes longer while she read a poem twice.  Perhaps she liked the way it felt in her mouth.
His thoughts came back to his own body and he kicked off the duvet. He grabbed her discarded yukata and slipped it over his shoulders. Visions of her as a geisha drifted into his mind.
He tiptoed across the linoleum towards the bathroom. The water draining into the overflow was the only sound. It almost sounded like applause. He leaned against the doorframe as a fragrance sidestepped into his awareness. It was floral, probably rose or jasmine. It reminded him of something old and pretty, but he couldn’t say for certain.
Her back was towards him. She didn’t turn but lifted both arms, holding the book she was reading from aloft, in a half salut
The Ozymandias Principle (Sandbox Jenga)Ginny always had a penchant for destroying things.
At the age of four, she was introduced to blocks (perhaps a devastating mistake on her preschool teacher’s part.) The brightly-colored wooden shapes held a certain fascination for her. While her classmates took a simple childish glee in building things up and knocking them down again, Ginny looked on their ways with disdain. She would carefully create an elaborate structure, and pull out all the key pieces until only a bare framework was left, shivering on the edge of collapse. Then she would tap on just one, or blow on it with her mouth, and the whole skeleton would come crumbling down.
Her parents often commented that if she had been born a decade or two earlier, she could have made a fortune by inventing Jenga. As it was, she was never very good at the game. She didn’t particularly like setting it all up- all she knew was that she had to build it before she could break it.
When she was seven, her Sunday school had a pi

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